My Theology

From a mountain hike in Rocky Mountain National Park

My theology draws on many sources: humanism, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and earth-centered traditions in particular. Ideas from the margins–particularly feminist, womanist and queer theology–further ground my theology. My theology is embodied: it begins with the bodies in this world–people, the planet, other living beings. Though I am agnostic, I sometimes use the divine as a symbol for the universe’s mystery. I believe there is magic in the heart of the universe. I most experience that magic in connection–with my soul, others, and the beauty of nature.

Much of my ministry over the years has focused on building bridges, especially across lines that often divide faith traditions from one another. I believe we learn a great deal about ourselves and our own believes through interfaith engagement. My work with the UU Partner Church Council was in some ways a continuation of my interfaith focus: there is such variety across our global faith. It is spiritually beneficial to focus not just on our similarities but also on our differences with our kinfolk in faith.

Because of my eclectic spirituality and my commitment to pluralism, I am especially comfortable in congregations with a wide breadth of theologies/spiritualities. I am thrilled to be back in the work of making meaning and finding purpose in a spiritual community in which I am ministering.